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Blade Sport Protein

Browse our high quality protein shakes. In addition there are so many unique flavours to choose from which will surely tickle the taste buds of any fanatic!

Blade Sport Amino Acids

Looking for a complete amino acid supplement? Amino’s have the highest dose on the market. Discover one of the greatest advantage of BLADE AMINO 10000. It has high concentration of L-leucine.

Blade Sport Vitamins & Fat Loss

Vitamins are essential for any  healthy body to function properly. Whatever your goals may be, for instance fat loss, getting that six-pack or getting completely shredded we will have just the product for you!

Blade Sport Pre-workout

In need of that extra motivation and boost of energy before you work out? Check out these fantastic pre-workout drinks. After drinking them you’d want to go right back in for another work out!

Blade Sport Weight Gainers

Struggling to get in those extra calories to get hench or just wanting to keep ontop of your build? This is your one-stop shop for just that!

Blade Sport Accessories

No gym work out is complete without having the Blade Sport essentials. Come check out our branded gear!

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Products to help Build Muscle Goal

Build Muscle

Ready to transform your physique? Learn how to build muscle with the right training, nutrition and supplementation for your goal.

Products to help Weight loss goal

Weight Loss

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to weight loss. Here you'll find information and inspiration for your personal journey

Products to Improve your goal

Improve for Sports

It doesn't matter where you perform, what matters is that you continue to improve your game. Discover how to reach new heights.

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